Both fish died. RIP Prince Ryan Gosling and Olaf. Two tragic deaths.
Also, being healthy is very hard. Especially at college, when Daniel makes the most delicious cookies ever and they’re always waiting on the way to the door. Why, Daniel?

But I can do better. We’ll see. Spring break is next week and I have nothing to do except for work out, eat(healthy), and watch Netflix.


You’ve been hoping that you could make it right, but the more you try the more you’re failing

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot control everything.

I cannot wish things into working in my favor.

I cannot assume that what I want will fall into place.


I can live my life in the best way possible and be the most wonderful kind of person I can be.

I can not try to be who I think people will like the most.

I can accept rough times and get past them. Learn, and move on.

Learn and move on.

Learn and move on.

This is what I can and cannot do.

Today I went to Younglife for the first time, had a marvelous smoothie, and bought a fish.

Younglife was great because I haven’t been spending much time with other Christians at my school lately. Well. Christians, yes, but not Christians who are as invested as I have been up until recently. I’ve missed that.

My smoothie was mocha madness and utterly amazing.

The fish is named Prince Ryan Gosling and my best friend’s is named Olaf. There’s a castle in their bowl.

I’m falling asleep right now so there’s no way I can write anything interesting tonight, but I wanted to write something since it’s my first time on. I really hope to actually write.

Happy Wednesday.