I’m posting this with a picture of my dog because I really miss her

I said I was going to post every day, even if I don’t have anything to say.
So. Today was a good day. I babysat and went to classes and finished work and had a few too many cups of coffee and a donut and it was a good day. I started my book and I hammocked outside with two of my best friends, because it was 75 degrees in mid November. I don’t have anything serious to talk about because I don’t think I can do that right now, my day and night, in spite of being so good, took a turn for the emotional.

I am really struggling with some stuff right now, as I said yesterday, and I’m going to talk about it when I can and when I’m ready. Right now, though, I would really appreciate prayer. For peace and wisdom and to calm down and to love myself and to remember all the things I’ve been forgetting lately and for so much more.

I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow,
Alexandria (and Sadie)

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For when you want to change your life

One of my best friends had a favorite thing to say on empty days my freshman year. You know, the ones when your school work isn’t waiting and your time is free?┬áThe best days. “The world is our oyster!” she would shout with a large smile on her face.
I want to be that person to you and to myself. THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!! What do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to change? Is it your appearance? Is it your temperament? Is it your job or your goals? Take ahold of that thing and do it. Stop making excuses. I recently read an article that asked the question, “what is the root cause to everything you do?” What is it? Think hard. Once you have it, DO IT. And don’t devote your time and dreams to something that isn’t truly worthy.
The world is your oyster, so do more of what makes you happy. I have that phrase hanging from my rearview mirror and every day it’s a beautiful reminder. I am a person who struggles with saying no to people, so I put myself in situations that I don’t wish to be a part of. Did I truly wish to do half of the things I have done in the last five years? No. Did I get joy from those things? No, again. So change the little things too. Make an end goal and work every day towards that, but also make the little, every day tasks magnificent. Fill your life with activities that bring yourself joy and help give joy to those around you. Don’t do things to please others. Be so happy with what you do that your happiness pleases people.

Be happy with who you are and do not grumble about the things that you can change. The world is your oyster.


You’ve been hoping that you could make it right, but the more you try the more you’re failing

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot fix everything.

I cannot control everything.

I cannot wish things into working in my favor.

I cannot assume that what I want will fall into place.


I can live my life in the best way possible and be the most wonderful kind of person I can be.

I can not try to be who I think people will like the most.

I can accept rough times and get past them. Learn, and move on.

Learn and move on.

Learn and move on.

This is what I can and cannot do.