I finished the Whole30!

I did it! Thirty days – and only two or three slips (all of those were for peanut butter), so I’m very proud of myself! The experience was great and I have felt wonderful, even in the last two days I have noticed that I’m feeling tired or out of it and I know it must be because of the sugar that’s back in my system – time to fix that, right?

I lost a total of eight pounds – this is less than I wanted but I know that I ate way too much fruit in comparison to everything else. During the month of December I was eating clean but not quite up to the Whole30 standards (especially with the holidays), but I’ve lost a total of twenty pounds since November! This is something I am very, very proud of. I have also begun running and my good friend Niki is going to the gym with me two or three times a week and creating a work out plan for me (she’s a college swimmer and is having SO much fun getting me into shape). I’ve been sore but it’s worth it!

I’m planning on sticking basically to the Whole30 guidelines now – so I guess we would say a paleo diet. Dairy isn’t doing well for me and neither is gluten, so I think that’s the best decision! My mom and sister are continuing to do this with me, and I’m enlisting a good friend at school to try out the Whole30 – handing her my copy of It Starts With Food tonight!

I hope that everyone here is doing well and any goals that you made at the beginning of the year will continue to be met!

xoxo Alexandria


okay, 2015

here’s my list for 2015, or let’s just say second semester:

  • learn to play the guitar (I took beginning guitar last spring for my art credit, but sadly I didn’t devote the practice time and subsequently learned very very little) and sing more
  • read books! I don’t do this at school, but I know I need to take time simply to myself and that reading is the best way
  • pick a church and become involved – probably with the youth group!
  • stop drinking soda (I have a bad bad bad coke zero addiction)
  • do a Whole30 (starting at the beginning of January) and afterwards, maintain a 90% paleo diet (unless if I don’t feel as good after as I think I’m going to. but I feel like I’m gonna wanna stick with it, based off of what I have learned so far)
  • more activity – I am devoting myself to either working out at a class at my school gym, running (shockingly, I really enjoy running once I get back into the groove), or simply a long walk outside around school (the neighborhood is gorgeous – one of the best in NC)
  • memorize a Bible verse every week – my knowledge from my Christian school upbringing is fading fast
  • keep up a steady devotion – with a partner (Niki wants to so it’s going to work out well for us)
  • continue to pray for everyone in my life and write it down – thinking through my prayers for my family, close friends, and personal situations and writing them always gives me a lot of peace and it is really, really great to go back to my prayers from weeks or months past and reflect on what happened and where my heart was when I prayed that prayer
  • finally, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. I am typically considered a very very nice person and 90% of the time, that is the adjective used to describe me. this, I think has resulted in me sometimes being kind simply because it’s expected of me at this point – not because my heart is in it as much as it should be

wisdom teeth, movies, and whole30 thoughts

and let’s just say it’s not my favorite experience ever. my face hurts but I’m eating lots of smoothies (yes, I said eating..because apparently straws aren’t allowed so I have to use a spoon. this is so strange), and I’m about to start my second movie of the day: “What If”, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan (side note – she’s in a movie called “In Your Eyes” or something on netflix and it is SO GOOD! I highly recommend you watch it, I just did the other day and it was a treat, one of those great netflix finds).

I just haven’t written anything in a bit and wanted to say hello – so hi, things are good, I’m home from school so I am watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books and my Bible has made it’s way back onto my priorities list (and staying there, do not worry). I’ve begun working on my list of things that are officially changing this semester, and building a support system fro those things. I’ll be writing about all of those next time, probably today or tomorrow so I hope you’re pumped!!!!! (I love how I write this like a have a huge amount of people following my life when in reality I’m lucky if one person other than myself looks at it, but it’s nice to feel like someone is listening).

my number one thing that’s starting in 2014 is the whole30 – so if you’ve ever done it, know someone who has, or already follow a paleo-esque diet, TALK TO ME! I’ve begun reading the book and I think that this change is 100% exactly what I need in my life, and I intend to start it and stick with it. reading the book is already changing the way I think about food and I haven’t even started yet – I have hardly any desire to eat crap just based on what I’m learning, and I feel like a month of paleo is going to change things up for me.

so that’s all I have at the moment, I’m not very good at thought out and fancy blog posts, probably why I’ll never be a famous blogger. but if you enjoy my ramblings stick around and we will have so much fun together. I’m going to start my second movie so bye!!!!!

xoxo alexandria




Both fish died. RIP Prince Ryan Gosling and Olaf. Two tragic deaths.
Also, being healthy is very hard. Especially at college, when Daniel makes the most delicious cookies ever and they’re always waiting on the way to the door. Why, Daniel?

But I can do better. We’ll see. Spring break is next week and I have nothing to do except for work out, eat(healthy), and watch Netflix.