I finished the Whole30!

I did it! Thirty days – and only two or three slips (all of those were for peanut butter), so I’m very proud of myself! The experience was great and I have felt wonderful, even in the last two days I have noticed that I’m feeling tired or out of it and I know it must be because of the sugar that’s back in my system – time to fix that, right?

I lost a total of eight pounds – this is less than I wanted but I know that I ate way too much fruit in comparison to everything else. During the month of December I was eating clean but not quite up to the Whole30 standards (especially with the holidays), but I’ve lost a total of twenty pounds since November! This is something I am very, very proud of. I have also begun running and my good friend Niki is going to the gym with me two or three times a week and creating a work out plan for me (she’s a college swimmer and is having SO much fun getting me into shape). I’ve been sore but it’s worth it!

I’m planning on sticking basically to the Whole30 guidelines now – so I guess we would say a paleo diet. Dairy isn’t doing well for me and neither is gluten, so I think that’s the best decision! My mom and sister are continuing to do this with me, and I’m enlisting a good friend at school to try out the Whole30 – handing her my copy of It Starts With Food tonight!

I hope that everyone here is doing well and any goals that you made at the beginning of the year will continue to be met!

xoxo Alexandria



this Thanksgiving was a good, good time. it was spent with a lot of family and a lot of friends. I made some decisions this week that I’ll be talking about in one of my next posts, but this post is just to say:

I have a wonderful family. I, at times, lose sight of that in the midst of craziness and expectations and everything else that comes with family, but mine is great.

I also have a fantastic group of friends. the people I have met at school have changed my life more than I ever thought was possible

this great support system is going to be needed in the upcoming future and I am so thankful for them.

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my best friend, Baylee

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my little sister, Tess


my whole family


it was a good week.