wisdom teeth, movies, and whole30 thoughts

and let’s just say it’s not my favorite experience ever. my face hurts but I’m eating lots of smoothies (yes, I said eating..because apparently straws aren’t allowed so I have to use a spoon. this is so strange), and I’m about to start my second movie of the day: “What If”, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan (side note – she’s in a movie called “In Your Eyes” or something on netflix and it is SO GOOD! I highly recommend you watch it, I just did the other day and it was a treat, one of those great netflix finds).

I just haven’t written anything in a bit and wanted to say hello – so hi, things are good, I’m home from school so I am watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books and my Bible has made it’s way back onto my priorities list (and staying there,┬ádo not worry). I’ve begun working on my list of things that are officially changing this semester, and building a support system fro those things. I’ll be writing about all of those next time, probably today or tomorrow so I hope you’re pumped!!!!! (I love how I write this like a have a huge amount of people following my life when in reality I’m lucky if one person other than myself looks at it, but it’s nice to feel like someone is listening).

my number one thing that’s starting in 2014 is the whole30 – so if you’ve ever done it, know someone who has, or already follow a paleo-esque diet, TALK TO ME! I’ve begun reading the book and I think that this change is 100% exactly what I need in my life, and I intend to start it and stick with it. reading the book is already changing the way I think about food and I haven’t even started yet – I have hardly any desire to eat crap just based on what I’m learning, and I feel like a month of paleo is going to change things up for me.

so that’s all I have at the moment, I’m not very good at thought out and fancy blog posts, probably why I’ll never be a famous blogger. but if you enjoy my ramblings stick around and we will have so much fun together. I’m going to start my second movie so bye!!!!!

xoxo alexandria